New Building Signs

Agnes Avenue

The main pathway into our school has recently received a very special and significant upgrade and is now named Agnes Avenue.

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bohaxhiu on the 26th of August 1910. She adopted the name Mother Teresa later in her teenage years after spending time in Ireland at the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This special fact about St Teresa of Calcutta is a great talking and teaching point for our students, families and wider community. ​

Agnes Avenue Sign.JPG

Loreto Building

Our school library has now been officially named the 'Loreto' building.

When Mother Teresa, as Agnes, first became a nun she joined the Loreto Sisters. She joined the Loreto convent​ in 1928 in Dublin. After her Profession of Vows was missioned to Loreto Convent Entally (in Calcutta), she taught Religious Studies and Geography there for fifteen years before being appointed Principal. Mother Teresa had a thirst for knowledge and shared that knowledge during her time teaching - hence we named our library after the very place where she showed this love of learning - Loreto.

Loreto Building Signage.JPG
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