​​The Mother Teresa Primary School Choir accepts students from all year levels and practices from 7:55 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. on Tuesdays. mornings.

Our Choir performs at school assemblies, Liturgies, and our Christmas Spectacular. They compete each year at the QCMF (Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival) where they won silver in 2023.

To be part of the choir, please speak with our Administration office in person, via email at or call 07 5549 5000. 

Why are School Choirs beneficial in Primary Schools?

School choirs offer several valuable benefits for students, their development, and the school community as a whole. Here are some reasons why we love our students being part of the choir:

  1. Musical Education: School choirs provide an opportunity for students to receive basic musical education, including learning about pitch, rhythm, harmonies, and the fundamentals of music theory. This can lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music.
  2. Teamwork: Choirs require students to work together as a team. They learn the importance of collaboration and cooperation, as they need to sing in harmony with their peers and follow a conductor's direction.
  3. Discipline: Choirs promote discipline and a strong work ethic. Students must practice regularly, memorise lyrics, and perfect their vocal skills. This fosters responsibility and time management.
  4. Confidence Building: Singing in front of an audience can boost a child's confidence. This is particularly valuable for students who may be shy or introverted, as it can help them overcome their stage fright.
  5. Creativity: Choirs offer a creative outlet for students to express themselves through music. They can explore different genres and styles of music, and sometimes even compose or arrange their own pieces.
  6. Social Skills: Choirs encourage social interaction. Students make new friends and form strong bonds with their fellow choir members. This can improve their interpersonal skills and help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  7. A Sense of Belonging: Choirs provide a sense of belonging and community within the school. They allow students to be part of something larger than themselves and contribute to the school's cultural identity.
  8. Emotional Expression: Singing is a form of emotional expression. It allows students to convey their feelings, which can be therapeutic and emotionally rewarding.
  9. Academic Benefits: Some studies suggest that participation in music programs, such as school choirs, can have a positive impact on academic performance, particularly in areas related to math and language.
  10. Performance Opportunities: School choirs often have opportunities to perform at school events, in the community, and even in competitions. These performances help students showcase their talent and hard work to a broader audience.
  11. Lifelong Skills: The skills developed in a school choir, including teamwork, discipline, and self-expression, can benefit students throughout their lives, whether or not they pursue a career in music.

In summary, school choirs in primary schools offer a range of educational, social, and personal development benefits for students. They can enhance the overall educational experience and contribute to a well-rounded education.