​S​​​TEM education overview

STEM education refers collectively to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. We have weekly lessons that each class participates in.


In addition to the regular classes, this year we are creating a 'STEM Club' in which our Principal, Mr Leigh Mirto, will run in-class sessions for students in Years 5 and 6. 

For Term 2, we will be focusing on 3D Printing and working to create masterpieces. Students will be learning design skills in Tinkercad, print settings in Makerbot and getting design ideas and some models to modify from Thingyverse, using their iPads mostly in the design phase. 

Once the basics are learnt in design their first task will be to design a clock that they have designed themselves or modified an existing print design from online. They will print the clocks and insert the clock mechanism. Once these have been mastered, they will be free to design and print anything of their choosing. 

The STEM Club is offered as a volunteer option for Year 5 and Year 6 students with the plan of extending this invitation to younger year levels in the coming terms. ​


Why STEM education is important 

STEM education enables students to develop solutions to complex problems and provides them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities that will help them succeed in a world of technological change. As future innovators, educators, researchers and leaders, it is important that students develop​ the skills required to compete on a global scale. 

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How STEM education benefits students 

STEM education benefits students by providing them with:

  • a deeper understanding of the STEM disciplines 

  • skills to be competitive in the workplace 

  • 21st-century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving 

  • STEM literacy for everyday use. ​

STEM classes are busy with planning, designing, prototyping and testing. Year 1's and Year 2's created animal feeders to provide food for the huge range of wildlife here, while the Year 6 students worked on building and testing bridge designs.

Our STEMNASIUM is such a hive of activity and learning and it is BY FAR one of our student’s favourite times of the week!


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