Why Mother Teresa?

​​​​​Our school is named in honour of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whose life was dedicated to the betterment of others. Mother Teresa often said that a worthwhile life is one that is lived in the service of others. It is this notion of servant leadership that we hope to instil in our children. Service to others in the modern world involves key elements such as:

  • Conservation of our environment for future generations.

  • Using skills to build communities by building positive relationships.

  • Developing high academic standards to maximise our talents for the good of the community.

  • Developing and sharing recreational, sporting and artistic skills to enrich our world.

As a member of the Archdiocese of Brisbane Catholic Education, we take up the challenge of education to Teach, Challenge and Transform.

We encourage any and all parents who are interested in learning more about our wonderful school and the fantastic opportunities it can offer​ your family, to contact us and come in for a tour of the school, so you can see these things for yourself!



Q: Do we need to be Catholic?
A: No, we are an inclusive community committed to your child's holistic education.

Q: Do we need to live in a catchment area?
A: No, many families from a range of local areas attend Mother Teresa Primary.

Q: How many students attend Mother Teresa?
A: Currently 188 students.

Q: Can my child do the Sacramental Program through the school?
A: Our school's Parish St Patrick's in Beenleigh is able to assist with each of the Sacramental Programs, for further details, please visit our Sacramental Program page.

Q: How much Religious Education is there?
A: Religious Education is taught both as one of the Key Learning Areas and also as an integral component of all school activities. The direct teaching component is approximately 30 minutes per day, hence there are 27.5 contact hours in a Catholic school compared to a government school which is required to have 25 hours.

Q: Is your school a private/independent school?
A: No, Mother Teresa is a Catholic primary school and is part of the Brisbane Catholic Education brand that has over 140 schools.

Q: Does your school offer before/after school care?
A: Yes, PCYC has before, after and holiday care options available onsite. Please visit our OSHC page for more information.

Q: What if I can't afford to pay the school fees?
A: If you are unable to pay school fees because of a change in your family's circumstances that results in financial hardship, you are invited to confidentially approach our school's finance manager or principal, who will respond to the situation with care and sensitivity.

Q: What do I need to do if my child requires medication at school?
A: If your child requires medication whilst at school, you will need to complete a Student Medication Request form, available at the school office or on the parent portal.  This will need to be signed by yourself and/or your local GP and then returned to the school office.

For children who have a serious ongoing medical condition that requires a Medical Action Plan, as a parent/carer you will need to provide the school a copy of this Action Plan.  A record of your child's condition and/or medication will be recorded at the school. For further information about this, please contact our Administration Team.​

Do you have questions you would like to ask? Click on the 'Enquire Now' button above and we will be in contact with your answers.

Why choose a Catholic school?

"An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic schools." - Pope Francis

​We teach the values that last a lifetime, such as faith, kindness, honesty and compassion.

Your child’s education should not be the same as their classmates. Why? Your child has unique gifts and deserves teachers who seek opportunities for progress, every school day.

Catholic schools offer this and more by not only pursuing academic excellence but excellence in all pursuits.

Of course, academic achievement is important in every school. However, academic achievement alone does not define success in our world.

Your child’s education should not only be measured by tests and scores. Teachers in Catholic schools know a ranking upon graduation is not the sole definition of your child’s success.

Their education should also be filled with encouragement and wonderment; where their heart sings with joy, every school day.

It should be an education that prepares them to walk gently in an increasingly complex world. And a Catholic education creates a life of purpose, kindness, honesty and compassion.

Catholic schools partner with parents to:

  • Teach faith-based, lifelong learning that engages the whole person.
  • Encourage every child to pursue academic excellence, plus excellence in all pursuits, so they realise their God-given potential.
  • Nurture the gifts of each child, encouraging them to follow and live the teachings of Jesus.​

How affordable is a Catholic school?

A Catholic education for your child is a wise choice and fees in Archdiocesan schools may be less than you imagined. Families are encouraged to explore the affordability of their choice of school.

All families have the opportunity to seek a Catholic education for their children​. Financial aid is available from all Archdiocesan Catholic schools. Fee remissions, family discounts, bursaries and other options are available. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with our Principal, Mr Mirto.​