Sports at Mother Teresa

​​​Sport at Mother Teresa is led by our specialist teacher. All students from Prep to Year 6 have a sports lesson utilising our oval for outdoor sports lessons such as soccer, football, hockey, cricket and so on. Lessons are also held under our shelter area which has our basketball court/volleyball area. Students also participate in athletics and swimming carnivals. Students participate in a two-week swimming program at Helensvale Aquatic Centre leading up to the swimming carnival.

Interschool Sport:

Several times each term we participate in interschool sports in a variety of sports competing against local schools in the area. On 'away games' students in our older years travel by bus to the host school and return in time for dismissal. Mother Teresa is also rostered on as a host school where the competing schools come to us.​


The Foundation curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn through movement. The content enables students to develop and practise fundamental movement skills through active play and structured movement activities. This improves competence and confidence in their movement abilities. The content also provides opportunities for students to learn about movement as they participate in physical activity in a range of different settings.​

​Year 1 and Year 2:

Students also further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills about movement by exploring simple rule systems and the safe use of equipment in a variety of physical activities and games. Through active participation, they investigate the body’s response to different types of physical activities. In addition, students develop personal and social skills such as cooperation, decision-making, problem-solving and persistence through movement settings.

​Year 3 and Year 4:

The curriculum in Years 3 and 4 builds on previous learning in movement to help students develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental movement skills. Students combine movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences. Through participation in a variety of physical activities, students further develop their knowledge about movement and how the body moves. They do this as they explore the features of activities that meet their needs and interests and learn about the benefits of regular physical activity.