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Sacred Spaces within our Classrooms
​​At Mother Teresa we develop a sense of sacredness within our students. We love how the children respect their prayer spaces.
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New House Polo Shirts

We are so happy to have our new sports shirts using our house totems. Designed by Jeremy Donovan, a proud Kuku-Yalanji man. These will be for students in P-6​
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​Art - Update
Year 3 and 4 have studied the masks of various cultures around the world and been inspired to create their own designs from cardboard, paint and oil pastel. ​
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National Science Week
Our Prep's have LOVED celebrating National Science Week!
Throughout the week they learnt all about glass - its properties, how it is made and what it can be used for! AND they made their very own stain glass windows using the same process of making glass called FUSING
First, they made the frame using a salt dough recipe. Then they crushed boiled lollies into a fine powder and filled the space and finally they cooked it at a very high temperature before letting them cool.​

​​National Science Week 1.jpg National Science Week  2.jpg
Art - Update
Students learnt about the significance of the red poppy flower during ANZAC ceremonies, at memorials and on Remembrance Day, and studied the make up of the inner and outer petals before creating these wax artworks.
Each student created a unique representation of the red poppy flowering with a striking blue background.​

Red poppy 1.JPG Red poppy 2.JPG Red poppy 3.JPG

New Signage​ for our Buildings

The main pathway into our school has recently received a very special and significant upgrade and is now named Agnes Avenue.
Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bohaxhiu on the 26th of August 1910. She adopted the name Mother Teresa later in her teenage years after spending time in Ireland at the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This special fact about St Teresa of Calcutta is a great talking and teaching point for our students, families and wider community. ​
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LORETO Building
Our school library has now been officially named the 'Loreto' building.
When Mother Teresa, as Agnes, first became a nun she joined the Loreto Sisters. She joined the Loreto convent in 1928 in Dublin. After her Profession of Vows was missioned to Loreto Convent Entally (in Calcutta), she taught Religious Studies and Geograpy there for fifteen years before being appointed Principal. Mother Teresa had a thirst for knowledge and share knowledge during her time teaching - hence we named our library after the very place where she showed this love of learning - Loreto.
Loreto Building Signage.JPG
Sport is such a fun and exciting part of the week at Mother Teresa!



Our courtyard has been coming along brilliantly. There are two new extendable umbrellas, two boxes holding outdoor toys and equipment, two new outdoor settings, an outdoor chalkboard, hopscotch, handball, chess/checker board, quoits and colour galore! We cant wait to use this space formally with the kids for PB4L, informal gatherings, rewards for great behaviour and the Principal lunch for those who reach level 12 in the PB4L cards.

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NAIDOC Week Celebrations
Students had a great time hearing local dreaming stories, learning our colour house names and totem animal names in the traditional language of the original custodians, performing totem dances and completing totem collages, boomerang throwing and learning Dadirri and aboriginal ways. Ev​en our PE lessons were modified to include traditional indigenous peoples games! In art there was Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art appreciation lessons and we continued the tradition of having kangaroo and crocodile tasting experiences in our whole school BBQ.
Year 4 also led us in liturgy with the focus being NAIDOC and linking to our tradition custodians.
This all came to a conclusion with the reptile show and whole school showcase assembly with special guests performing their dances.
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Mixed Media Monochromatic Artworks

Students worked on mixed media monochromatic artworks, using limited colours to create deep sea images in chalk pastel and paint.

​​The students planned their works to include just the right amount of jelly fish and seaweed and found working with the chalk pastels to be quite relaxing...despite also being a bit messy.  

Year 5 & 6 - jellyfish 1.jpgYear 5 & 6 - jellyfish 2.jpgYear 5 & 6 - jellyfish 3.jpgYear 5 & 6 - jellyfish 4.jpg
​National Reconciliation Week 2021: More than a Word – Reconciliation Takes Action

During National Reconciliation Week students learnt about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements and how we can all contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. 
Much like our Catholic tradition, reconciliation is about respectful and healing relationships. Our Year 1 / 2 classes learned about Reconciliation Week and linked it to some amazing art. ​
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200 Years of Catholic Education

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane held a National Mass to celebrate 200 Years of Catholic Education in Australia.

The theme of the mass was “Faith in the Future”.

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Catholic Primary Schools Interschool Cross Country Championships
Students from Year 2 - 6 represented Mother Teresa Primary School at the Catholic Primary Schools Interschool Cross Country Championships.
Under 8's Day
BEST DAY EVER! It's so GREAT to be UNDER 8! What a fun day our Prep-Year 2 students had celebrating Under 8's Day
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​National Simultaneous Storytime

We joined over 1 million other children to listen to NASA astronaut, Shannon ​Walker, read live from the International Space Station as part of the

2021 National Simultaneous Storytime.

This year's book 'Give me some Space!' was equal part entertaining and informative and captivated everyone's attention.

Give me some space book.JPGSpace display library.JPGChildren watching give me some space.JPGChildren watching give me some space 2.JPG

ANZAC Liturgy and Flag and Ceremonial Gath​ering Space Blessing

We officially lau​nched our new flags and ceremonial gathering space.

Our ANZAC liturgy was a reverent, respectful and mature liturgy led by our Year 5 and Year 6 students with such great leadership. They were able to portray the importance that this occasion requires and showed such great character in how they presented the event.

ANZAC Liturgy 8.jpgANZAC Liturgy 2.JPG ANZAC Liturgy 3.JPG ANZAC Liturgy 4.JPG ANZAC Liturgy 5.JPG ANZAC Liturgy 6.JPG ANZAC Liturgy 7.JPG​​​