Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying


The purpose of this policy is to describe Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) approach to positive, proactive practices in support of student behaviour and wellbeing and to the prevention, intervention and response to student bullying and harassment.

This policy must be read in conjunction with: Student Wellbeing policy; Student Behaviour Support policy and procedures; Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying and Harassment procedure and Student Protection Processes.


Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane provide all students with opportunities to develop positive behaviours in a safe, supportive environment where mutually respectful relationships are the defining features of a dynamic, Christ-centred community. The prevention, intervention, and response to bullying and harassment are incorporated within this policy and supporting procedure.

Policy statement

Schools will provide clear expectations in relation to bullying and harassment as part of their school Student Behaviour Support (SBS) Plan. Each school will ensure that staff, students, parents and guardians are familiar with the school’s SBS Plan, which must be published on the school’s website.

Schools, with the support of parents, the wider community, and young people themselves, will take proactive and preventative action to prevent bullying and harassment happening in the first instance. Each school’s SBS Plan must address all forms of bullying and harassment in line with this policy and supporting procedure.

Schools, in line with the school SBS Plan and BCE’s Student Protection Processes, will develop planned preventative approaches, clear protocols, and age and context appropriate responses and interventions to bullying and harassment behaviours that are documented and visible through practice.

Schools must report incidents of bullying and harassment, in all environments including online, and monitor this through recording of behaviour incident data in the bullying register in the Engage Student Support System. Schools must track and analyse this behaviour incident data to detect patterns of bullying and harassment.


BCE schools must:

  • commit to positive, proactive practices in support of student behaviour and wellbeing.
  • ensure Student Behaviour Support planning promotes preventative approaches to bullying and responsive approaches to restoring relationships.
  • foster respectful interpersonal relationships among and between all community members.
  • promote positive behaviour support as an integral part of all learning and teaching experiences.
  • ensure staff undertake relevant professional learning to support a positive school culture.​