Student Behaviour Support

​​Policy Statement

Through an integrated and strengths-based approach to learning academically and socially through the curriculum, supported by wellbeing and pastoral care strategies, school staff assist students to develop positive pro-social behaviours. Positive behaviour formation is guided by:​

  • Respect: helping students to understand and to foster respectful relationships with others by embodying values of the Catholic faith and cultivating responsibility for self.
  • Justice: working with students and families to identify and remove barriers to the formation of positive behaviours and engagement in learning.
  • Inclusion and diversity: welcoming students from diverse backgrounds and students with diverse needs.
  • Responsibility: helping students to develop a social conscience by developing social and emotional intelligence, self-discipline and responsible decision-making.
  • Networks: developing effective networks of care across the community through partnerships with parents and guardians, parish groups, support services, allied health services and the wider community.
  • Strategy: a systemic approach by the school to support students with a continuum of supports – universal, targeted and individual. These are available for all students to access and resourced by the school.
  • Accountability: promoting evidence-informed decision making, transparency and accountability.

Mother Teresa School Student Behaviour Support Plan - Final.pdf