School Board

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P&F Association

The Primary School Board is the main policy making body for the school.  Although we will be operating under the guidelines and policies of Brisbane Catholic Education, there will be localised school issues that will need policy direction from a localised School Board.  Membership on the board includes the Parish Priest, the School Principal, a representative from the P. & F. Association, the Parish Council of Ministries, the School Staff and three (3) from the general community. Monthly Meetings (7.30pm – 9.00pm approx.) usually take place in the Staff room. 

School Finance Committee

The School Finance Committee normally operates as a sub-committee of the School Board, and reports to the Board, Parish and BCE agencies. Typically the committee meets each term for budget review and alterations, as well as considering major financial transactions for the school. ​Typically, the committee consists of the Principal, Finance Secretary and two parent representatives who ideally have some background in either business management, finance or accounting.