Learning at Mother Teresa

​In pursuit of the goals of lifelong learning, each child at Mother Teresa Primary School will participate in an outcomes approach to learning. An outcomes approach is built on the belief that all children will achieve their expected educational outcomes over time, given a broad range of opportunities within a variety of contexts. Outcomes beyond those expected to be achieved will become goals for many children. Our program is both rigorous and flexible to enable such opportunities.


The promotion of each student’s progress and achievement is regarded as everyone’s responsibility. Learning and teaching is visible and occurs when learning is the explicit goal and feedback is given and sought from both teachers and students.  Both of these elements are pivotal in moving learning forward.

Our teachers, staff and students all become actively and passionately engaged in learning. A shared language of learning is evident in all classrooms and effective practices are consistently implemented across the school.​

At Mother Teresa Primary School, we aim to provide a holistic curriculum that enhances the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social a​​nd physical development of students. By adopting a continually innovative approach to teaching, we strive to make learning relevant to the individual in their local and global context. Continuity of learning will be enriched by collaborative partnerships with all community stakeholders.​​​

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