Fee Policy


We at Mother Teresa’s School are committed to providing quality Catholic education for all children enrolled.  All parents/guardians are to meet their responsibilities by regularly and punctually paying the fees set by the Mother Teresa’s Primary School, so that the efficient operation of the school can be maintained.
Your school fees fund the daily running of our school which involves such expenses as staff salaries, cleaning, teaching aids, rates, insurance, repayment of loans, etc.  In order to meet these expenses, parents/guardians must all contribute so that the burden is fairly spread.  Commonwealth and State Governments provide approximately 84% of these running costs. Your contribution (approx. 16%) takes the form of Fees and Levies:
(A) Fees go towards paying the running costs of the school.
(B) Levies include the Resource Levy (for supply of materials used in the classroom and the grounds etc.), P & F Association Levies, Information Technology Levy (for the provision of up-to-date computers in the classrooms), Excursion Levy (for excursions outside and within the school throughout the year) The Archdiocesan and Futures levies are monies forwarded to Brisbane Catholic Education to assist them in managing the diocesan commitments.
Parents/guardians are to be given adequate notice of fees payable and a reasonable time within which to pay. Parents/guardians will be issued with an annual budget and /or financial statement by the school authorities.
We are also aware that from time to time some parents/guardians find themselves in financial difficulties. With this in mind, our aim is that no Catholic student will be denied a place in our schools due to parents/guardians’ genuine inability to pay full or even part fees. In this case, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to approach the Principal or Parish Priest.  Such approaches will be treated in confidence.  Fee concessions may be granted on the basis of just and equitable considerations at the discretion of the Principal or Parish Priest.
Unless there is an agreement for fee concessions at enrolment, the acceptance by parents/guardians of a position at Mother Teresa’s School assumes the ability to pay fees in full. Where fees are outstanding, positive approaches to parents/guardians will be made by (or on behalf of) the Parish Priest and/or Principal to negotiate payments. Where children have already enrolled and where financial circumstances have subsequently changed in such a manner as to make fee adjustments necessary, future concessions can be considered.  All concessions are negotiated on an annual basis.
It is appreciated that changing family circumstances will sometimes require that a student transfer to another school.  Fees will be payable for the whole of the term in which the enrolment is terminated, except in cases where fair notice is given or where it is deemed that fair notice was impractical.


  • Payment of fees may be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by the term.  Direct Debit facilities are available and encouraged for parent/guardians to utilise and take advantage of this stress-free and easy facility.  This is the schools preferred method of payment.  Direct Debit Request Forms can be found on our Parent Portal or at the office. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office for further information.  
  • Accounts for fees are forwarded by the School to all parents/guardians early in the term.
  • The fee account shows a date by which the fees levied are expected to be received by the school.  This is the “due date” of the fees.
  • Any arrangements to vary the terms of payment must be made with the Principal or School Secretary. (See procedures for fee concessions above)
  • On expiry of the due date a reminder is sent with payment expected before the end of the term.
  • Accounts which remain outstanding 14 days after the due date will be dealt with in one or more of the following ways:-
    • Letter from the Principal
    • Phone contact by the Principal or Secretary
    • Interview with the Principal
  • Where accounts still remain unpaid one month after due date and/or no appropriate arrangements have been made to pay the agreed fee, the account may be placed in the hands of a debt collector.