Sense of the Sacred

​​Mother Teresa Primary School creates a sense of the sacred through:prayercircle.jpg

  • providing opportunities for the community to explore a sense of God’s presence when they gather for prayer and worship
  • encouraging the community to engage in the religious culture of the school by participating in meaningful prayer experiences following established practises and procedures.
  • Mother Teresa Primary school endeavours to foster a sense of pride in the school environment and to develop a social environment in which all members of the community are valued.

When the Mother Teresa school community gathers for prayer, we develop a sense of the sacred through our prayer spaces and rituals.  We begin prayer by lighting our school/class candle and display our carved hands icon in our prayer space as a symbol of Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa.  Each classroom has a sacred space, displaying a class candle, hands icon and Bible.  Sacred spaces also reflect the church’s liturgical season and the class’ current Religious Education focus.

Each school day begins with prayer, by gathering around our class prayer cloth in a prayer circle.  After lighting our candle, we say our school motto together ‘Do small things with love’ before making the sign of the cross.  This moment of silence is an important ritual that we have established as a sign that God is with us and that we have prepared our minds and our bodies for prayer.