Authentic Christian Community

​​​​religiousidentity3.jpgMother Teresa Primary School aspires to be an authentic Christian community, building quality relationships based on servant leadership, modelled by the vision and values of Jesus Christ and the words and actions of Mother Teresa.  We practise Christian hospitality and encourage students to welcome others by using the greeting ‘Peace Be With You’ with the response “and With Your Spirit”.
We gather as a community every Thursday morning for a whole school assembly.  This provides us with an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the everyday moments of our students’ lives with the wider school community.  At Mother Teresa School we welcome, encourage and support the participation of families in the life of the school.  Families are also welcome to join classes for their morning prayer circles.  As a Catholic Christian community, we emphasise participation and therefore prayer is celebrated through a variety of ways including drama, song, actions, silence and responses to share in the Gospel.
Mother Teresa School aims to build a culture of care and concern across the school and with the local and global community.  We acknowledge students who have demonstrated care, cooperation, concern, common sense and courtesy throughout the week during our Assembly gatherings.   We respond to causes such as disaster appeals and support Catholic initiatives (eg. Project Compassion) to foster our values of service, love, peace, compassion and prayer.
As part of St Patrick’s Parish, we acknowledge connections with the wider church community by partnering with the parish and local church to celebrate a prayer liturgy each fortnight.  We support students in their preparation to receive the Sacraments and become more fully initiated into the Catholic Church community.
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